2017 – Shuswap Band; Donald East Clearing & Grubbing Project.  Contracted as project manager as well as supplying crews, Band member employment and emergency transport support for Trans-Canada twinning project.

2016-2017 – Shuswap Band; Community Wildfire Protection Plan – INAC/FNESS funded Operational Fuel Treatment.  Propose and operationally implement an On Reserve forest fuel project encompassing 24 ha of forest fuel reduction through manual treatment.

2016 – The Nature Conservancy of Canada; Ecosystem Restoration Project.  Conducted a manual fall/pile/burn treatment project for Sheep habitat enhancement within Lot 48 on the eastern slopes above Columbia Lake.

2016 – Parks Canada, Banff National Park; FireSmart Project at Baker Mountain Resort.  Forest fuel reduction mitigation for the FireSmart high priority Baker Mountain Resort. Six hectares of overmature Pl with dense Pl,Sx understory manually treated.

2016 – Parks Canada, Highway 93 South Brushing Kootenay national Park.  Subcontracted for manual brushing project encompassing ~33 kilometers of road right-of-way brushing.

2015-2016 – The City of Kimberley; KNP Duck Pond unit, Kimberley, BC – UBCM Interface Fuel Hazard Reduction Project.  Forest fuel reduction operational treatment within the Kimberley Nature Park

2014-2015 – District of Invermere; Community Wildfire Protection Plan UBCM SWPI Operational Fuel Treatment.  Implementation of the Block 10 Operational project encompassing 72 ha of forest fuel management including multi-resource use interests and overlapping active Christmas Tree Permit tenure.

2014 – Taynton Bay, Invermere BC; CWPP – Community Development Wildfire Hazard Assessment.  Conducted a FireSmart assessment and generate a report of the proposed development as per the District of Invermere’s requirements.

2014 – Village of Radium Hot Springs; Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update.  Prepare and submit UBCM SWPI Fuel Management Prescription application and Phase I Operational Fuel Treatment application for the Village.

2013-2014 – District of Invermere; Community Wildfire Protection Plan, UBCM SWPI Operational Fuel Treatment.  Successfully executed the Block 14 Operational project encompassing 96 ha of forest fuel management including multi-resource use interests and prominent public usage.

2013 – District of Invermere; Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  Assist with preparation and successful submission of the application for the Block 10 Operational Fuel Treatment Phase of the DOI CWPP for successful UBCM approval.

2012 – District of Invermere; Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  Assist with the completion of the Fuel Management Prescription phase of DOI CWPP and submit the successful Operational Fuel Treatment Phase Plan – Block 14 for UBCM SWPI approval.

2011-2013 – Shuswap Band; Community Wildfire Protection Plan – Operational Phases I, II, III.  Overall project management of the Operational Fuel Treatment Stages of the Band’s CWPP – FNESS SWPI funded project encompassing approximately 300 ha in partnership with the Shuswap Band and The Kinbasket Development Corp.

2012 – Wolfe Construction; Palliser-Cross-Mitchell FSR (13km-45km).  Roadside brushing contract (approximately 32km of forest service roads).

2011-2012 – BC Hydro; Columbia Valley Transmission Line.  Contracted as a Project Manager and supply crews for the Shuswap Band’s contract with BC Hydro. Power line right of way clearing, approximately 20km of overall hydro line harvest/clearing project.

2011 – Canadian Forest Products; Radium Division.  Silviculture brushing contractpartnership with the Shuswap Band and The Kinbasket Development Corp, (114 ha of Canfor cutblock competing vegetation brushing).

2011 – Shuswap Band; FNESS SWPI – Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  Develop a comprehensive CWPP encompassing ~ 460 ha of forest fuel load within the Reserve and adjacent Crown forested lands.

2010 – Shuswap Band; Community Adjustment Fund CAF) – Ecosystem Restoration/Wildfire Forest Fuel Management. Create and implement an employment stimulus program in partnership with the Shuswap Band and The Kinbasket Development Corp, encompassing the employment and training of displaced forest workers to conduct ecosystem restoration/forest fuel management activities consisting of ~350 ha of area on the Reserve.

2009 – Shuswap Band; Natural Resources Canada – Forest Fuel Management Program.  Create forest fuel management plan in partnership with the Shuswap Band and The Kinbasket Development Corp identifying ~35 ha of forest fuel load within the Band’s Reserve boundaries and providing implementation workforce.

2006 – 2010 – District of Invermere; Forest Fuel Management.  Mitigation of various forest fuel load treatment units identified by Wildlands Eco-Forestry and later within the District of Invermere’s CWPP.

2007 – FireWise Conference, Tampa, Florida – Certified Firewise Home Ignition Zone Assessor.  Assessing The Home Ignition Zone (FireWise Certification).

Field Crews:

We provide a workforce of experienced, qualified employees depending on the specific project requirements and provide field personnel with the following training:

OFA-1 Level I First Aid S100
Transportation of Dangerous Goods S115
First Aid-Transportation Endorsement S185
Basic Chainsaw Safety WHMIS

Our crews bring experience with multi-resource on site values, including recreational-(cycling, hiking, horseback riding), crown timber interests, active Christmas Tree permits, etc.  Our field crew members have successfully completed several projects encompassing locally active CTP’s including Juniper Heights, Dry Gulch and Block 14 of the DOI CWPP.

The Company is committed to providing employees with a safe working environment and the necessary tools and resources to complete their assigned tasks safely and efficiently. Ongoing educational opportunities and on the job training are offered to all personnel.

Equipment/Instruments & Resources:

  • Bobcat S590 with chipping capability.
  • Mulching capabilities, skid steer with brush cutting head.  Subcontractor – Green Mountain Mulching, Greg Pocha.
  • Chainsaws, Brushsaws, Bobcat Root Grapple.
  • Fully equipped field Ambulance ETV and Occupational First Aid & Level 3 Attendant – if/when required
  • Snowmobiles & Quads
  • Curtain Burner debris burning equipment, (smoke control & burning efficiencies)
  • FireCaddy 125 gallon tank trailer unit with 5.5hp 12 US gallons per minute @ 65 PSI gas FireCaddy portable unit.
  • One-ton dump truck for transporting chips to VRHS predetermined locations. This would be a no-charge proposition/community contribution to the Village for use within the VRHS’s operations if desired.
  • GPS Units: Sub-meter data collection Trimble Geo-XT’s, Garmin 60CSx’s
  • GIS: Arcmap10.
  • Bentley MicroStation mapping systems.
  • All field trucks are equipped with:
    • An Electric FireCaddy – 12 volt, 1/2 hp fire suppression system with 25ft 3/’4″ discharge hose, Scott 4003 air aspirating nozzle with FlameOut suppressant & 42-gallon tank.
    • Backpack water pumps, shovels, and rakes.
    • Level 1 First Aid kit.
    • Copy of company’s Occupational Health & Safety Manual