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Wildlands Eco-Forestry Inc. has participated in several local Columbia Valley Community Forest Fuel Management programs.  We have conducted operations with stages of the City of Kimberley and the District of Invermere’s Strategic Wildfire Prevention Community Wildfire Protection Plans.

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Recently, and over the past few years Wildlands Eco-Forestry Inc has also completed Community Wildfire Protection Plans/fuel management strategies for local communities and developers.  Click the links below to view samples:

  • Timber Ridge, BC – Lake Windermere 3 phase built out community, historically in a threatened to high-extreme fuel load state; provided a CWPP working plan to the community.
  • Taynton Bay Estates, BC – District of Invermere community development plan. A forest fuel management strategy for a lakeside community development.

Wildlands Eco-Forestry has assisted the Shuswap Band in developing and implementing an Ecosystem Restoration/Wildfire Fuel Management program under the Western Economic Diversification Fund.  The program focused on the Band’s capacity building ethos including First Nations business development, crew training, and project management.  The project consisted of approximately 300+ hectares of identified forested treatment area, as well as invasive plant management, Band lands clean up and access fencing, as well as an overall hydrological assessment and reporting for stream restoration planning on the Shuswap and Stoddard Creek drainages.  First Nations and displaced forest worker employment was another primary goal of the program successfully creating hundreds of hours of local employment.

Wildlands Eco-Forestry Inc additionally completed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the Shuswap Reserve and in cooperation with the Band completed a 3 year mitigation stage of the program comprising ~240 hectares of forest fuel management on adjacent Crown lands. The program further provided opportunities for the Band to enhance community and intergovernmental organization and partnership development through mutual objectives encompassed in this and similar programs.